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Anonymous said: isn't hating nash grier for using slurs similar to justin using racial slurs :/



alright but here’s the difference with justin. He does not go around insulting people on twitter or in person, have you seen how he treats fans that wait for him? Jumping over fences and telling his bodyguards to back off and talking to them for 45 minutes straight? Have you seen how much money he has donated and the time he spends in the hospitals with sick children just to see their smiles? Have you seen who Justin hangs out with? Have you seen the talent justin has over a fuckin douche bag that made it big from 6 seconds? Nash has said slurs left and right about people’s race and sexuality, on the other had justin has made slurs of a race in which he apologized several times and he was 14 at the time. Nash is like fuckin 19, and the rest of the shit justin bieber has done was in his own private life. Justin bieber has peed in a bucket. I don’t know how that is still made such a big Deal like because he didn’t piss on a fuckin child. Nash Grier has a fan base of just GIRLS and he has made videos of what girls have to look like and be to be with him and to “society” justin has never been judgmental at all towards a fan for as long as I’ve been here, he will kiss, hug and talk to any shape size or sexuality of a person. There is a video out there of justin meeting a fan that was gay and gave him the biggest hug. But does the public see that? No they see the fuckin bullshit that only affects his life and people switch around like he’s affecting the lives of others with his peeing in mop buckets and being carried up the Great Wall of china by his body guards as a FUCKIN joke btw that really I see affects no general population of humans. Nash Grier on the other hand is such a low down piece of shit, I don’t know how justin and him can even come close to comparison. I’ve made my point now get off my fuckin blog.